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The pre-election slanging match is well under way as the parties accuse one another of economic incompetence and heartlessness.
Talking to a scribe, a lecturer of English Studies Department, Dr Jameel Asghar said "the tragic incident is a horrendous reminder of barbarity and heartlessness which is the hallmark of terrorist.
Arync's remarks were a sort of admission of the unlawful practices and heartlessness of the government, GE[micro]nE-ltaE- commented.
Jenny's friends rallied round, and sickened by Tory heartlessness, paid her ne.
He said that height of heartlessness by PML-N government which has broken all records of terror threats and violence.
The latest cruel twist in forcing the unemployed onto zero-hour contracts again reveals their heartlessness.
That was a callous act on a man who was either dead or dying and it illustrates heartlessness or indifference.
Supporters of the former Tory prime minister's ideology have always refused to accept the "greed is good" label, aware of its implications of heartlessness and divisiveness.
Covering stories like that leave indelible marks on the souls of even the toughest newsmen and women - a point I made forcibly to a priest who accused us of heartlessness and irresponsibility when we put a picture of 'vampire murder' victim Mabel Leyshon on our front page.
Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney made similar suggestions, were accused of heartlessness, and went down to defeat.
What mankind should understand from the above sayings of the Prophet is that they will have to suffer grievous penalty due to their heartlessness and cruelness to the living creatures.
That image will tell the people of the besieged Syrian city of Aleppo, under attack by a merciless regime, all they need to know about the heartlessness of US foreign policy".