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This week's videotaped beheading of a French mountaineer by militants linked to the Islamic State group prompted heartsick fury among Muslims in France and elsewhere in Europe, torn between anger at the atrocities committed in the name of Islam and frustration that they have to defend themselves at all.
28, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Like millions of people that have been devastated by the down economy, Brian Mathews was nearly heartsick watching a friend's family reeling from her husband's loss of income as the market shifted.
My mother is bereft, my wife is distraught and I am heartsick and angry.
cast down to be a dog again chained outdoors heartsick uncomprehending
Many were heartsick over their loss, social workers said.
This is a no-nonsense angel--not sent to rock and soothe a heartsick man but to prod a prophet back into service.
At first, a Canadian was considered a hero for returning a missing dog to its heartsick owner.
Val Couchman, who grew up next door to Labone's home, was heartsick at the news of his death.
I'm heartsick to see this girl going the same way as her sisters.
I am heartsick those nights when I catch "The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer" and sit through the silent part at the end of the show, the eerie, somber minutes when we get a last look at those who died in Iraq and sometimes in Afghanistan.
When I didn't see him again after several hopeful tries-nor had the Kraft's--I was heartsick thinking Blue indeed was a goner.
It's hard to know who is the bigger fool, heartsick Craig or airhead Gary, who perpetually stares upward as if he's checking for brain leakage.