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30) Blair situates Arnold's language of the buried life in this and his other poems of the 1850s within a tradition that uses "the void within the breast [as] an established literary trope connected to heartsickness and the inability to feel" (p.
From a life spent in the proximity, and frequent hands-on company of these wonderful creatures, I have gleaned adventure, livelihood, delectable meals, deep gratitude --and a lifelong heartsickness caused by the salmon's rapid vanishing.
In mid-August, just as many Swedes were returning to work after their long summer vacations, the 61-year-old politician announced - ostensibly out of sheer weariness with politics, but doubtless also from heartsickness at having to cut back the cherished welfare state - that he would retire at the next party conference, in March 1996.
He sets the tone of the play by imparting a feeling of suspense and heartsickness.
Among them is girl-crazy Jeremy (Andre Holland), who pours out honeyed promises to coax naive Mattie (Marsha Stephanie Blake) out of her heartsickness.
Hilda herself feels the heartsickness of skepticism and tries to overcome it by thinking of a beloved painting, Sodoma's fresco of a bound Christ "deserted both in Heaven and earth" (as Hilda feels herself to be after witnessing Donatello and Miriam's crime) and seeming to ask, "'Why has Thou forsaken me?
His two best pals, weary of his heartsickness, taunted him to slaughter his mistress Annie's pet cat; and what had begun as mere jest, teasing, grew into an eerie temptation
Here are the ghosts of those who loved others too much or themselves too little, of those who lost battles with insanity, of those driven to heartsickness by an oppressive sense of futility and the apparent absence of God, of those who defiantly and courageously denied a terminal illness its final tortures.