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At once disarmingly simple in form and riddled with rivulets of complex feeling, this story of a middle-aged Parisienne philosophy professor rethinking an already much-examined life in the wake of an unforeseen divorce has an ideal human conduit in a wry, heartsore Huppert, who, with nary a hint of showing off, further stakes her claim as our greatest living actress.
No way would they go to the tip, this is terrible, I feel heartsore for this poor lady, they should give it all back and more.
Everywhere I look there is a stream of memories, and sometimes it makes you feel so heartsore really.
A heartsore," proclaimed Barbara Malley to her husband one evening as they strolled down the sidewalk past the Marshalls' fenced-in lawn.
For fourteen days, heartsore and hungry, Seeing but wild water and bitter sky, Poor fellows, they stood in a totter, A-casting lots as to which should die.