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As they drive away, the robed, bald pated do-gooder passes out; subsequent tests reveal a heart murmur and a case of heat prostration, to be treated by two weeks of rest in the shade.
a different approach; it's silly to burden firefighters with all that gear on a 100 [degrees] afternoon -- heat prostration is a real danger.
Heat prostration is a relatively mild form of heat illness.
In the few days that I was there workers complained of heat prostration, poor protective gear and chemical exposure.
Symax Duotab Safety Information: Heat prostration can occur with drug use in the event of high environmental temperature.
That was the summer when at least 500 Worcester County residents died of heat prostration and sunstroke, when 600 horses dropped dead on the streets of New York City, when a traveler from Southbridge to Worcester counted 20 dead horses on the way, when big plants like the Worcester Corset Company and Whittall Carpets closed their doors, and when the thermometer hit 105 several times.