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FrostyTech--Best Heat Sinks & PC Cooling Reviews, http://www.
Nasdaq: AATT), the world's leader in thermal management solutions for power and digital electronics, has introduced additions to its line of OptiPin(TM) heat sinks designed for IC's (integrated circuits) packaged in a Ball Grid Array.
Silicone free heat sink grease is especially of value where the presence of silicone would be an impediment to the application of coatings or other processes.
After considerable trial and error, Buhrke engineers devised the inclusion of several tinplated brass ground posts inserted into the heat sink.
INNOVATIONS IN HEAT SINK TECHNOLOGY II-6 New Aluminum Silicon Carbide (AlSiC) Heat Sinks II-6 Heat sink System for Circuit Boards II-6 Heat Sink BGA Package II-6 New Mounting Assembly for Heat Sink II-6 Dual Material Heat Sinks II-7 New Heat Sink, Interfacing Multiple Components II-7 Heat Sinks with Fins II-7 New Fastening Structure Method For Heat Sinks II-7 New Heat Sink Attached to the Module with Adhesive II-8 New Method to Set Up Posts on Heat Sinks II-8 New Heat Sink System for Circuit Boards Developed II-8 New Bi-level Heat Sinks II-8 New Ceramic-based Heat Sink II-9 Heat Sink Attached to Two Separate PCBs II-9 New Heat Sink Bonds with Dielectric Material II-9
com, or to download the MACE-developed Compact, High-Performance Air-Cooled Heat Sinks Technical Data Sheet, visit Thermacore's Design Center at www.
TRIAC Module: Metal package TRIAC 600v/12A or higher rating with heat sink, RC snubber and fuse protection.
The new case study shows how thermal modeling was used to create heat sink solutions for cooling Freescale's MPC8641D Dual-Core PowerPC[R] Processors.
ATS will initially be offering 51 superGRIP/maxiFLOW heat sink and attachment assemblies, available from ATS for 17 component sizes, from 15 mm x 15 mm to 45 mm x 45 mm, and heat sink heights of 7.
The maxiGRIP and superGRIP families of heat sink clip attachment feature plastic frame clips that fasten securely around the perimeter of a component and a metal spring clip which slips through the heat sink's fin field and locks securely to both ends to the plastic frame.