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Our approach should be to have zero tolerance to heat wave deaths this year.
By comparison, only seven heat wave days were predicted for areas in the Belgian countryside.
Estimates of heat wave effects varied widely from city to city.
com/why-heat-waves-are-only-getting-worse-2556276) Why Heat Waves Are Only Getting Worse
Following the heat wave, traffic flow on city roads remained low and markets also seen deserted because the majority of people preferred to stay indoors and the shopkeepers are facing a very tough time in the entire life.
Forecast models generally cannot predict heat waves more than 10 days in advance, and seasonal forecasts are limited in anticipating extreme heat.
Petitions over deaths caused by heat wave had Secretaries of Water and Power, Aviation Division, Climate Change, National Disaster Management Authority, Met Department, NEPRA, Sindh Chief Secretary, Provincial Secretaries of Local governments and Health, City Commissioner and KE as respondents.
Heat wave to severe heat wave conditions are very likely at a few places in Rajasthan, West Madhya Pradesh and Vidarbha.
The state-run facility for children Shishu Hospital in Dhaka also reported high rate of admission in the past several weeks because of the heat wave exposing minor children to severe health risks in
Heat stroke units with facilities of basic life support should be prepared in advance all hospitals anticipating any heat wave forecast.
According to Shlomo Oberman, a forecaster for the Meteo-Tech meteorological service, this is the third heat wave to hit the area this summer.
BEIRUT: The ongoing heat wave has caused the deaths of tens of thousands of chickens, hindered this season's fruit harvest, and pushed livestock farms to try to control temperatures to prevent mortality.