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According to weather forecasters, the heat wave is not expected to break before 20 August.
May's heat wave had already caused a fruit shortage this year by affecting the blossoming of the fruits, and the current heat wave is only exacerbating the problem," said landowner Khalid Khalil.
A severe heat wave struck the country in June this year, which caused a number of causalities, especially in Karachi.
Late in June, the minister Mushahidullah Khan had formed a committee of experts to investigate the causes of the blistering heat wave in the country, so that fallouts of heat waves in future are mitigated.
While the death tally is high, it pales in comparison to the 2003 heat wave that resulted in the deaths of 15,000 people.
According to the met department the number of heat wave days has been increasing in Pakistan.
The heat wave death toll has reached close to the 800 mark in the last four days," Anwar Kazmi, a senior official of the private charity, the Edhi Foundation, told Reuters.
For instance, during the Chicago heat wave, on July 13, 1995, the maximum wet-bulb temperature of 85 degrees occurred at noon when the temperature was 99 degrees.
Over 2,200 people have died of heat wave in India, mostly in the southeast states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, over the past one week.
At least 145 people died due to intense heat wave in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana since yesterday, raising to 368 the death toll in the blistering weather conditions which continued in many parts of the country on Sunday.
Extreme heat waves have been causing serious (http://jama.
Scientists found that changes in atmospheric circulation over the western tropical Pacific Ocean, as well as rising sea-surface temperatures, played a "significant" role in Japan's unprecedented summer heat wave, which smashed temperature records across the country and saw average summer temperatures 2.