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Week in, week out we see top-level players heatedly disputing referees' decisions.
You HAVE shaved your arsehole Pete," stormed heavily-pregnant Katie as the couple heatedly discussed Mr Andre's feminine side.
Republicans often try to neutralize such criticism by accusing the Democrats of "pessimism"--a charge heatedly denied by members of the minority party, who describe themselves as tellers of difficult truths.
Twelve Angry Men is a full-cast audiobook production, featuring a complete theatrical play about twelve jurors who heatedly debate the future of a 19-year-old boy who allegedly killed his own father.
Song Il Ho, North Korea's ambassador in charge of diplomatic normalization talks with Japan, spoke heatedly in front of Japanese reporters visiting Pyongyang, saying, ''Our relationship has gone past the worst to the confrontational stage.
Sunni Muslims objected heatedly to a lopsided vote in favor of the dominant Shia alliance.
That's how we got to know each other, by amicably but heatedly disagreeing about many things, such as the place of video and installation in the precincts of MOMA.
Ethics and governance issues were heatedly discussed at the mock trial of a communicator who breached the association's Code of Ethics, though the lessons learned were clearly based in reality.
Steve is heatedly opposed to her doing this because he insists she is untrained and has a handicap.
Cuba heatedly denies the charge, said Smith, noting that "various U.
Starting with some of the most heatedly debated measures, here is a complete rundown of the 16 propositions on the Tuesday ballot:
and presented a thick file of purchase orders, A/R confirms, email trails, minutes of senior staff meetings in which the transactions were heatedly discussed, and hard copies of the corporate revenue recognition policy, delegation of authority and all relevant policies and procedures.