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Isobar heat pipes and isoplatens for optimizing thermoset and rubber molding.
When these cooling responses fail, the result may be heat-related injuries such as heat stroke or even death.
Two cupola heats were conducted using similar operating conditions such that the results from using formcoke as the only fuel in the cupola could be evaluated against a baseline condition using only slot oven furnace coke.
The fundamental laws of science producing heat islands are easy to demonstrate.
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released an Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) report confirming 400% efficiency of the EarthLinked([R]) Heat Pump Water Heating System.
Tray sealers, blister sealers, heat sealers discrete product-handling equipment and process automation for medical device and hygienic applications.
Also, casting production documentation of at least 30 heats was required so that enough data existed for a good statistical analysis.
Using a gas fireplace to heat the room or living area used most allows homeowners to turn down the furnace thermostat--providing an immediate cost savings.
To help combat the resultant high bottom from running high carbon heats, the bottom can be brought down by making low carbon heats and dressing with SPAR, aluminum shot or fine ferrosilicon in small amounts.
With more than half a million units of its first product sold within nine months of launch, Cold Heat, the innovator of patented mobile heating technology, announces international expansion and plans for new products in 2005 with a three million dollar investment from its existing shareholder Acorn Ventures and other private investors.
Fluid-circulating heat transfer equipment for molding, extrusion, thermoforming and other plastic processes includes portable chillers and plantwide central systems.
CHICAGO -- Manwich Heat & Serve Sauce Complete with Fully Cooked Ground Beef Provides a Great Solution for Busy Family Eating Schedules