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Then they would heave in on the tackle till the blocks were together, when the manoeuvre would be repeated.
Some of these include frost heave, loads on pipeline components due to snow and ice accumulation, thermal stresses due to extreme cold temperatures, and confined expansion of freezing water within components.
The 100 Block is subject to severe frost heave and is deteriorating rapidly.
Frost heave can be so impressively high in Canada that we have a special name for it: "pingo," and we put it on our stamps (Photo 3).
1 : to raise with an effort <Help me heave this box onto the truck.
One phenomenon, called frost heave, is the expansion that occurs when wet, fine-grained soils freeze.
Brown's rebuttal, three times the length of Hurst's letter, both reinforces his original argument and deflates her comments - logs roll and brickbats heave.
Upgrades to the roadway to address it's deterioration and frost heave issues are needed.
1 : an effort to lift or raise <With a final heave they jammed him into the crate.
These effects all result from a common phenomenon known as frost heave.