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You needn't heave in the dories till after dinner," said Troop, from the deck.
Long Jack and Uncle Salters slipped the windlass-brakes into their sockets, and began to heave up the anchor, the windlass jarring as the wet hempen cable strained on the barrel.
Also, they shouted at us like mad to heave to into the wind, for they took it as some drunken prank on the part of scow-sailors, little dreaming that we were the fish patrol.
When this was caught, they would cast off from their net and heave in on the line till they were brought up to the boat in front.
Then they would heave in on the tackle till the blocks were together, when the manoeuvre would be repeated.
There is passion, adoration, in his eyes, and he goes about in a sort of trance, gazing in ecstasy at the swelling sails, the foaming wake, and the heave and the run of her over the liquid mountains that are moving with us in stately procession.
Some of these include frost heave, loads on pipeline components due to snow and ice accumulation, thermal stresses due to extreme cold temperatures, and confined expansion of freezing water within components.
The 100 Block is subject to severe frost heave and is deteriorating rapidly.
IF you are ever alongside a chap holding a rope and are together intent on coordinated pulling, and he shouts, "Two six heave," he is not mathematically dyslexic but probably an ex-matelot of the Royal Navy.
One phenomenon, called frost heave, is the expansion that occurs when wet, fine-grained soils freeze.