heaviness of heart

See: pessimism
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Don Quixote did as he recommended, for it struck him that Sancho's reasoning was more like a philosopher's than a blockhead's, and said he, "Sancho, if thou wilt do for me what I am going to tell thee my ease of mind would be more assured and my heaviness of heart not so great; and it is this; to go aside a little while I am sleeping in accordance with thy advice, and, making bare thy carcase to the air, to give thyself three or four hundred lashes with Rocinante's reins, on account of the three thousand and odd thou art to give thyself for the disenchantment of Dulcinea; for it is a great pity that the poor lady should be left enchanted through thy carelessness and negligence."
Then Anne went herself to the east gable and sat down by her window in the darkness alone with her tears and her heaviness of heart. How sadly things had changed since she had sat there the night after coming home!
Rawdon and his son went away with the utmost heaviness of heart. Becky and the ladies parted with some alacrity, however, and our friend returned to London to commence those avocations with which we find her occupied when this chapter begins.
One does leave with a heaviness of heart, questioning why the good should really go so soon.
It is with the heaviness of heart that I write this in the middle of the night as I reflect on your total transformation to the 'Next Level' of genuflecting sycophancy, which has been the pathetic story of ex-radicals that the Nigerian establishment draws now and then.
Frances McDormand ("Fargo'') doesn't fit the physical description of Olive, who in the book is tall and stoutly built, but this actress, whether playing Olive as a strict, crabby math teacher and caustic wife, or, later, as a judgmental grandmother and caustic loner, manages to convey a certain bulkiness that could be extra weight, or maybe just the heroine's heaviness of heart.
He added: "With a great heaviness of heart - and I'm hoping that the people of Newark will be able to tolerate me in the future, I'm hoping that they will - I'm going to resign my seat of God's county of Nottinghamshire in the town of Newark and I hope that my successor, who has been well and carefully chosen, will be the Conservative candidate."
"Nor should we, by what we may say, or what we may do only add to the heaviness of heart, or add to the burden that has been forced upon the shoulders of Kieran's family.
I will do what I can and with full awareness and heaviness of heart about what I did," he added.
The boy, so filled with a heaviness of heart and torn by a real rupture in his young life.