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Five types of immunoglobulin heavy chains have been identified: gamma, alpha, mu, delta and epsilon.
In hip-hop, you'll find some people taking the role of a character by wearing heavy chains and baggy clothing," he said.
It seems to have used a series of pontoons held in place by two heavy chains, anchored firmly to the shores on both ends.
The big statement necklace adds drama with heavy chains, big eads and eclectic materials, like the satin floral necklace featured, with prices starting at pounds 12.
Another pin-dropping moment was the hanging of Gwilym Brewys, described through the eyes of Alis to a desperate Siwan, who is physically and mentally weighed down to the floor by heavy chains.
Firefighters were forced to use their specialised cutting equipment to make a hole in the door and then anchor it down with heavy chains, until the winds died down and it could be removed safely.
Tony Blair said Northern Ireland now had the chance to "shake off those heavy chains of history" which had been scarred by hardship and conflict.
Their topics include a history of the kidney in plasma cell disorders, proximal tubular injury in myeloma, the mesangium as a target for glomerulopathic light and heavy chains, high-dose therapy, and current and emerging views and treatment of systemic immunoglobulin light-chain amyloidosis.
The multimillionaire showed off a rawk chic look complete with heavy chains in Beverly Hills.
Secured to a front-mounted shaft, free, long and heavy chains whip the soil surface and activate on-the-surface or shallow-buried mines.
Bandit showed off his doggy style in Harley Davidson leather head gear, goggles and heavy chains.
In these attempts, the protestors generally use steel bicycle locks or heavy chains.