heavy demand

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Two hours later, that is, about four o'clock, I woke up, for so soon as the first heavy demand of bodily fatigue had been satisfied, the torturing thirst from which I was suffering asserted itself.
com's online trading platform have seen heavy demand for their stock over the period of the Perseids meteor shower from late July to mid-August.
Amid reports of media tablets like Apple's iPad grabbing market share from notebook makers, there will be heavy demand for notebooks in the Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan), according to a report from IDC.
But despite the increased pressures on doctors and nurses, hospital chiefs said they were coping with the heavy demand and were not yet at crisis level.
KARACHI, November 16, 2009 (Balochistan Times): Gold surged by Rs 428 to touch a record high at 30,728 per 10 grams in local bullion market Monday, as its international price also hit peak at $ 1,130 an ounce on heavy demand, market sources said.
In an interview with The Australian, McKibbin stated that China's stimulative actions might be enough to boost his economy due to their heavy demand for many of the minerals that Australia exports.
was upbeat Friday despite a 40 percent decline in fourth-quarter profit, citing heavy demand for its oil-field equipment and personnel and predicting more of the same for 2007.
25 million attained for this site is a result of heavy demand from the hospitality industry to replenish the hotel stock in Manhattan, especially in the Penn Plaza submarket," added Mr.
According to Reuters, the new record was set thanks to heavy demand during the Chinese New Year holiday and a solid growth in air traffic operating to and from Hong Kong.
Word from Taiwan is that flip chip substrate capacity might be maxed during the first half of the year, due to heavy demand for graphics chips and chipsets.
That program was shut down for a few weeks in December and January because heavy demand threatened to exhaust the agency's lending authority.
The conclusion of the war in Iraq in May and the subsequent reconstruction have also created a heavy demand on plywood.