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I understand the polices' aims, what I disagree with is the heavy-handed nature of this exercise, and the attitude of a lot of the officers to not only those who they were stopping but to the general public, myself included.
Coun Roberts said: "While I accept that the arrival of traffic wardens has eased parking along the high street, there is general concern about the attitude of traffic wardens, particularly as it affects small businesses, who are clearly suffering because the wardens are being too heavy-handed.
The 13-member panel was established after some rather heavy-handed attempts at sweeping changes to veterans disability compensation failed in Congress.
Holcombe falters only when she leans on heavy-handed sentiment, as in The Proprietor (all works 2005), a visual polemic about an archetypal scheming white male politician.
This reviewer initially found his crude anger heavy-handed, but in her third novel, Neff's talent as a storyteller soon dispels any issue with introductions to Abel, and the character ultimately rings true.
In casting the refined patterning of Lucinda Childs against the heavy-handed contortions of Jiri Kylian and the organized chaos of William Forsythe, Boston Ballet brought the question of what constitutes classicism into sharp focus.
I realize that some view Sarbox requirements as excessive, but given the weakening ethical resolve of many top executives, we need the heavy-handed approach.
Defining "liberalism" as the philosophy and ideals that motivate such far-reaching, heavy-handed, money-driven governmental policies, The Liberal Virus is actually a heated and focused warning against the harm caused by such blind and overextended interference in other nations.
Harland's comparison (and often equation of) Judean synagogues and congregations of Jesus' followers with associations/collegia is not quite convincing, and his critique of prevailing scholarly opinion is heavy-handed.
One year after massive demonstrations forced Beijing to back down on imposing harsh "anti-subversion" legislation, Hong Kong demonstrators again took to the streets on July 1 to protest Beijing's heavy-handed rule.
Business leaders have hit out at heavy-handed environmental regulations which they claimed cost employers billions of pounds.