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Many also went hungry and thirsty, while others said they felt intimidated by the heavy-handedness of police, who the judge said behaved in an "oppressive manner." By stopping the group from going to Fairfield, officers demonstrated "an interference with the right of ordinary citizens to go about their business," he added.
AN INVESTIGATION is being carried out amid claims of heavy-handedness by Boro club stewards during Saturday's FA Cup clash.
Considering that it doesn't take into account the heavy-handedness, polarization, petty retaliations and overall vindictive rule of the New Hampshire House under Bill O'Brien.
In turn, the tendency toward heavy-handedness on the part of the Iraqi army and police, which still suffer from major deficiencies in intelligence gathering on militant activities, only exacerbates this problem.
The watches are constructed in sleek uni-body designs and the silicon straps elegantly mimic stainless steel bracelets without the heavy-handedness. The textured, grid-style background of the dial forms a striking contrast against the luminous stainless steel hands.
7) utilizes all the capabilities of the modern concert grand but without the heavy-handedness that can destroy the clarity and simplicity of classical style.
Seldom covered in the mainstream media, common people in Afghanistan and particularly in neighboring Iran, have had to live through the heavy-handedness of the Islamic republic for more than three decades now.
Adolescence is often portrayed as a matter of life and death, but that's pretty much the case in helmer Ian FitzGibbon's coming-of-age-with-cancer romance "Death of a Superhero." Pic sidesteps cloying sentimentality and heavy-handedness with the help of a solid cast, led by Thomas Brodie-Sangster as a budding graphic novelist whose days may be numbered, but whose imagination fills the screen with macabre cartoons fueled by anger, frustration and an artistic soul.
However, if anyone who really opposes this sort of "heavy-handedness" would care to walk along Connaught Road and Claude Road in Roath they would surely change their mind.
There were a number of allegations about corrupt policing, improper policing and heavy-handedness, such that the way the police were behaving was encouraging the villagers to support the Taliban.
I know people argue that Barca were provoked by Madrid's heavy-handedness, but they didn't need to do it - they proved over the two legs that they're the better side.
Cebr warned excessive regulation on bank pay and heavy-handedness with taxation would drive financial services away from London.