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In short, the political impasse, heavy-handedness of the security forces and AQI strength in Mosul mean that, overall, violence is unlikely to decrease substantially over the coming years.
on an international level but will also encourage despotic regimes like that of Iran to continue justifying its heavy-handedness by dwelling on the failure of the U.
Pic sidesteps cloying sentimentality and heavy-handedness with the help of a solid cast, led by Thomas Brodie-Sangster as a budding graphic novelist whose days may be numbered, but whose imagination fills the screen with macabre cartoons fueled by anger, frustration and an artistic soul.
There were a number of allegations about corrupt policing, improper policing and heavy-handedness, such that the way the police were behaving was encouraging the villagers to support the Taliban.
I know people argue that Barca were provoked by Madrid's heavy-handedness, but they didn't need to do it - they proved over the two legs that they're the better side.
Cebr warned excessive regulation on bank pay and heavy-handedness with taxation would drive financial services away from London.
Last week, the International Commission of Jurists condemned the security forces for heavy-handedness in dispersing protesters and questioned the legality of charges leveled against opposition leaders.
It's very tempting for the rest of the world to intervene in the affairs of the Caucasus (the strategic stakes are high, and the potential energy resources are seductive) but, while the facilitation of political resolutions is a fine and noble idea, heavy-handedness is likely to do more harm than good.
HRW's report also highlighted Egyptian security heavy-handedness.
New initiative: But Coun Alan Rudge has warned against heavy-handedness.
The gospel message of inclusion, mutuality, responsible freedom, and justice-oriented ministries will continue no matter the heavy-handedness of the Vatican.
Causing the death of two citizens for actions not deemed threatening to community members or to members of the security forces must be considered as a serious aberration of justice and heavy-handedness in dealing with the public.