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We expect the MPC to act resolutely, but we strongly recommend that they avoid too much heavy-handedness, which may cause long-term damage to the competitiveness of UK plc and the economy as a whole.
The BNP would have been seen as the victim of heavy-handedness and political correctness.
The First Minister wanted to stop any heavy-handedness in the way failed asylum seekers are removed from this country.
It is a far superior film, and Stone - a Vietnam veteran - brings some moving intangibles to the film that outweigh its occasional heavy-handedness.
Cites Lack of Balance, Discrimination and Heavy-Handedness
In 2006, Oaxaca City, a popular tourist resort, was rocked by a six-month conflict in which leftist activists tried to bring down Oaxaca's governor, who they accused of stealing an election, corruption and heavy-handedness.
Some of the men, who were mainly from Pakistan, were also held at gunpoint during the day at universities, putting the public in danger and triggering accusations of heavy-handedness.
THE debate over privacy and the rights of the individual against those of society at large has been given a fresh twist this week with the arrest of an MP and complaints of police heavy-handedness.
Too much public money has already been wasted on it, thanks to the heavy-handedness of the council and Waste Recycling Group in reporting what I did as theft, and the unwise decision of the police to invest their time and resources on investigating the matter.
If you would like to help me preserve their aesthetic beauty from council heavy-handedness, please support me by contacting me at saveheathroadtreesatyahoo.
Some parents have accused city council education chiefs of heavy-handedness, but those behind the measure say it has helped boost school attendance to record levels.
policy was, indeed, the main reason for the international failure to stop the Rwandan genocide and if it is primarily responsible for the heavy-handedness of the sanctions against Iraq, then shouldn't Cortright, Lopez, and Shawcross advocate a democratization of the decision-making process at the United Nations?