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Heavy-laden with the potential for salvation or destruction, they are nearly always cast as a potent force in the shaping of humanity's well-being, and so, of its history.
TRAVELLING on the bus from Cardiff to Tonypandy the other afternoon, I was intrigued by a crowd of heavy-laden shoppers with their toddlers.
To make sure we don't get emotionally heavy-laden with the words of woe both written and read by Katrina victims and others, she anoints us with another Gospel song.
These words echo Jesus: "Come to me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.
After splitting his sledge on ice rubble the pair decided to continue with just two heavy-laden sleds between them.
Although I have experienced times of disappointment, sadness and even grief over the years, that heavy-laden sense of depression has never returned.
I was up at first light looking at the firs and spruces, all drooped and heavy-laden with the stuff.
The point is always made brilliantly and with perception; however, we must plow through a heavy-laden path.