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And they trooped away at the bitter end, heavyhearted, but resolute in their determination to be back next week and the week after and the week after that.
But I'm also heavyhearted that we have to meet (higher) expectations of the people.
These two Nordic "brothers" had a hard time in those days: they not only took their turns to court the same "bride," but also happened to stay in the same hotel in Beijing, looking into each other's heavyhearted eyes over the breakfast tables every morning.
Even though Love has supposedly provided the "eyes" that have enabled the poet-speaker to recapture his beloved's image, in the third sonnet Love reasserts his autonomy by elaborating a heavyhearted moral upon the lovers' agonized predicament.
When we were born the country was wounded and heavyhearted
When a day was difficult, however, I left feeling heavyhearted, discouraged, perplexed, and miserable.