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repens with Euonymus fortunei 'Emerald 'n' Gold', Hebe rakaiensis, Photinia x fraseri 'Red Robin' and Lonicera nitida 'Baggesen's Gold'.
The aptly named Hebe Heartbreaker produces long wisteria-blue flowering spikes.
Although many people have found their hebes died in the snow, I had a very large, healthy one , which had got enormous.
A Summer is the time to take semi-ripe cuttings from shrubs such as Ceanothus, Cistus, Escallonia, Hebes, Lavender, Philedelphus and Potentilla.
Earlier this year, we were all bemoaning the fact we'd lost a lot of subjects, especially shrubby plants like hebes, cistus, lavenders, rosemary and sage.
Plants which flower on young growth, such as hebes and fuchsias, may have flowerbuds at the tip of the cutting which will need nipping out along with the tip.
TA K E semi-ripe cuttings of evergreen shrubs, such as hebes, camellias, choisya, holly, laurel and box, woody herbs, such as rosemary and lavender, as well as conifers.
The clan includes a lot of familiar plants like foxgloves, verbascums and even hebes.
2Firstly, arrange the plants, then make deep holes and place them in - lavender, chives, hebes and ivy are perfect for encouraging busy bees and butterflies, great pollinators.
For impact, there are a couple of outstanding medium-sized hebes.
Although there are very hardy evergreens, many can be tender, including popular plants such as hebes, pittosporum, griselinia and escallonia, which you may lose this winter.
7 Any late pruning of woody plants should be carried out with urgency unless plants are being left to recover after the winter weather, such as Fuchsias and Hebes.