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9) Pierre Aubenque, La Prudence chez Aristote (Paris: Presses Universitaires de France, 1963): "Ce qui est autarcie en Dieu serait hebetude, autisme, 'schizophrenie', en l'homme.
Frequently various cerebral conditions are complained of, and physical disturbances, such as loss of memory, irritability, insomnia, mental hebetude [absence of mental alertness and affect], and dementia are not uncommon.
With the leader of the opposition, Fatos Nano, languishing in Tepelena I Prison, with the Albanian police still I renowned for their rural hebetude, brutality and ignorance of civil rights, and l with the new secret service, SHIK (Sherbim Information Kombetar/National Information Service), opening I mail, listening to phone calls and sniffing about in everybody's business, there is cause for concern.