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Mr Heckle said that Lee, who has no previous convictions and had played a useful role in the community, has since passed the standards check but unfortunately the court proceedings were then under way and so he could not get his certificate back.
Once the game is live, heckle rivals and discuss the game with friends.
Two MPs' comments encapsulate this position: "Heckling encourages future heckling," and "I feel drawn to heckle back when I strongly disagree with a position being put forward by a heckler.
It was the perfect heckle and stopped us dead in our tracks.
Mr Heckle said that he is confident that the Mathew Street stage will ensure the old festival is not forgotten.
But if the heckle is real and you are on your toes, you can snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.
The idea for the event arose after Mr Heckle discovered that Mr Laporta is a huge Beatles fan.
As teachers shouted: "Bring back the Tories", Mr Blunkett said: "What is the teaching profession coming to if I say that things are improving and you heckle me for it?
A great heckle can be one of the funniest parts of a show but there are hecklers who are there with the blatant intention of disrupting the show.
Andreas has showcased his talents at the Cavern before but it was only this year that club owner Bill Heckle realised how well known he and his band are among metal fans - and decided it was time to honour him in the traditional way.