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Never thought someone can be heckled for the same," Dabanshu Ghosh, a resident of Dum Dum.
TARGET David Cameron and Alex Salmond were heckled during the event
Chappelle walked off a stage last week after being heckled in the state capital.
A Labour Party spokesperson said 'no-one should be heckled at a party conference, least of all a teenage girl making her first speech.
It's one of those great myths of stand-up that people get heckled all the time.
Steven_Colbert wrote: "Cabinet member Clr Molly Walton heckled Kirklees Unison's chief steward for education Mike Forster as he spoke before council leader Clr Mehboob Khan cut off his microphone.
Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov was answering a question about the mosque incident but was repeatedly heckled by Siderov, until business was suspended.
As the chart "Content of heckles" indicates, most of the heckling in the House of Commons deals with the heckled MP's idea, comment or question Much less frequent, but still notable, were heckles involving MPs" appearance, gender, age, race, sexuality, and religion.
TWO DAYS after he was heckled by Kashmiri Pandits and Hindu right wing activists in Chandigarh, Kashmiri separatist leader Mirwaiz Umar Farooq was heckled by activists of BJP Yuva Morcha for his anti India statements in Kolkata on Sunday.
Julian Borthwick was branded "an idiot" by Labour Party hacks and marched out of a meeting in Sunderland on Saturday because he heckled the Prime Minister over his "bigoted woman" blunder in Rochdale.
Abu Izzadeen, who hit the headlines after he heckled former home secretary John Reid, faces a maximum sentence of life for inciting terrorism overseas.
GORDON BROWN experienced firsthand the opposition to the war in Iraq as he was heckled by a protester demanding the withdrawal of British troops.