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TARGET David Cameron and Alex Salmond were heckled during the event
It's one of those great myths of stand-up that people get heckled all the time.
Steven_Colbert wrote: "Cabinet member Clr Molly Walton heckled Kirklees Unison's chief steward for education Mike Forster as he spoke before council leader Clr Mehboob Khan cut off his microphone.
Several comments also suggested a feeling that women MPs tend to be heckled more than male MPs, Which the statistical analysis of the surveys was unable to confirm.
During discussion, which was focused on cuts to arts funding, many of the crowd heckled Mr Grayling.
A handful of residents in the back of the room then heckled the council.
The producer's excuse was that he was making a documentary on the history of heckling, although no leading Labour politician was heckled for the sake of balance.
Rightists regularly heckled and threatened politicians in the days leading up to the 1995 assassination of then-PM Yitzhak Rabin by a Jewish ultra-nationalist opposed to his peacemaking efforts with the Palestinians.
delegate Randall Tobias was heckled by protesters chanting "Bush lies, millions die," and U.
Men shouted at the women trying to maneuver to the front and heckled the officer on the stairwell, who more often than not couldn't resist heckling back, his cheeks shaking, his face ruddy, and dripping with sweat.
The name of each starter was heckled with collective booing.
Colin Powell, infinitely the most progressive member of the American administration, was booed and heckled, not by an audience of Greenpeace supporters, but an audience of heads of state and prime ministers.