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One was the Heckler and Koch pistol, and the second was a blank-firing replica pistol.
Previous to her work at HHS, Heckler served eight terms as a U.S.
heckler's veto doctrine holds that opponents of a speaker should
With Heckler Design's robust WindFall Console, Gusto's Surface 3 point-of-sale solution offers reliable wired or wireless network capability, port expansion for important POS peripherals and for reliability and an integrated ID Tech SecureMag card reader to handle the demands of high-volume, fast-casual operations.
"There are a few old stock lines you can throw back at them - patronising the heckler is a good way, like, 'Leave him alone, I remember my first pint too'.
Three dozen of those weapons were Heckler & Koch G36 assault rifles, in addition to firearms manufactured in the US and Italy.
But the President said he has gotten used to dealing with hecklers that he wanted to answer their grievances.
We soon had the phone number to Heckler's daughter, now living in Alaska.
My boss was once reduced to a spluttering wreck by a heckler who repeated everything he said a few seconds afterwards.
Just in time for NBA Finals comes Heckler Sports, the first comprehensive all sports social network that also allows fans to heckle one another in real-time.
Summary: Proceedings at the Leveson Inquiry into press standards were briefly halted on Monday morning by a heckler in the gallery.
The Assistant District Attorney argued that Oren was "shut down" and described the students as "censors" who utilised the "heckler's veto".