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Obama's put-down proves he's perfected the art of dealing with hecklers, as have all the best speakers and stand-up comics.
The reports said the paperwork filed by Heckler & Koch with the German government indicated that the weapons would be shipped to another state in Mexico not named in the ban.
Heckler and more than 9,000 other POWs were repatriated from Stalag Luft 1 by allied forces.
Fortunately for me and the crowd, the gorilla-sized doorman knocked the heckler out.
My boss was once reduced to a spluttering wreck by a heckler who repeated everything he said a few seconds afterwards.
Heckler is the best place to breakdown plays, heckle other fans, and follow your favorite teams and games easily on your computer or mobile device.
Heckler, however, rejected his idea by saying "No one's going to drink a cup of Pee-quod
The real Heckler and Koch MP5 sub-machine gun is being increasingly used by police worldwide to guard potential terrorist targets like airports.
According to Imes, Heckler said someone in Starkville had concluded the Commercial Dispatch was no longer circulating there, and the Clarion-Ledger acted on that tip.
Coarse, crass, and surprisingly smart, Heckler has a chip on its shoulder, but also has a lot on its mind.
In another instance, Kennedy calls a heckler onstage and lets him crash and burn in front of the crowd.
Heckler & Koch is marketing a new line of gun safes, beginning with two models, the HK-23 and the HK-35.