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Not only did he curse at the woman heckler (who repeatedly shouted, 'I love you, Darren!'), he also flashed the dirty finger.
When he arrived at an event in Devon, another heckler told him: "Boris, you're a massive child."
Critique: Eyebrow-raising from start to finish, "The Official Heckler Handbook" can be interpreted either as a hilarious joke, or as a primer for maximum rudeness, hopefully without crossing the threshold into illegal behavior!
Barry says that hecklers can get the better of you though.
At a press briefing at the Omni Berkshire Hotel, which followed his attendance at the World Leaders Forum in Columbia University, Aquino said he had wanted to talk to the hecklers.
But what really gets me is whatever the heckler shouts out, it's never funny.
Chappelle on Thursday night blamed the hecklers for ruining the Hartford show.
My boss was once reduced to a spluttering wreck by a heckler who repeated everything he said a few seconds afterwards.
That the Irvine University administration castigated the hecklers reveals just how brainwashed even academics in America have become.
According to reports, Bean chased the heckler but he later returned and attacked Bean.
31 (ANI): A famously cool President Barack Obama lost his temper in Connecticut Saturday after hecklers interrupted his speech at a rally.