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When he arrived at an event in Devon, another heckler told him: "Boris, you're a massive child.
Critique: Eyebrow-raising from start to finish, "The Official Heckler Handbook" can be interpreted either as a hilarious joke, or as a primer for maximum rudeness, hopefully without crossing the threshold into illegal behavior
Barry says that hecklers can get the better of you though.
You deal with this heckler with a well-honed put down or off the cuff remark.
Chappelle on Thursday night blamed the hecklers for ruining the Hartford show.
My boss was once reduced to a spluttering wreck by a heckler who repeated everything he said a few seconds afterwards.
Instead of supporting prosecution of the Irvine 11, Oren should at least have been expected to learn how to deal with hecklers.
So, I don't know why you think this is a useful strategy to take," he said while jabbing his finger angrily in the direction of the hecklers.
Still reeling from terrible reviews of his roles in Malibu's Most Wanted and Son of the Mask, Kennedy talks to stand-up comics, athletes, and Hollywood creators about how they deal with the barrage of brickbats not just from hecklers but faceless online flamers and professional critics.
Meri Huws, the chair of the Welsh Language Board, was concerned by the content of Radio 4 show Hecklers, in which socialite baronet Sir Dai Llewellyn is set to argue language promotion has "gone too far".
And the mother of two isn't afraid to give hecklers an earful, as one rowdy audience member soon found out.