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Instead of supporting prosecution of the Irvine 11, Oren should at least have been expected to learn how to deal with hecklers.
He then fell silent again, watching with pursed lips as the crowd booed the hecklers once more.
A BBC spokeswoman said: "Use of the Welsh language remains an important topic that clearly provokes strong passions in people, which is the reason Hecklers is providing a forum for debate and discussion on the subject.
I state here that I was a political heckler of 60 years ago.
Mr Murphy said: "It was one heckler, nothing was organised and we didn't go to cause trouble.
In those years the night teams spent most of their sorties flying night interdiction, or heckler, missions.
One heckler insisted Darling had avoided answering questions from him.
But those hecklers should thS ing 1again as Allan is now leaving audiences in stitches as a stand-up comedian.
Comic Rufus Hound has compiled a book called Stand Up Put Downs revealing great comebacks that have left hapless hecklers squirming in their seats.
Comedians like Peter Kay, who often has to deal with it, have become experts at dealing with hecklers.
htm) offers pictures, sound files of Thunders' best obscene retorts to hecklers, articles, details about ex-bandmembers and, best of all, stories from people who knew the notorious rocker and heroin aficionado.