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The mum-of-two was so concerned about PC Rathband she called Insp Heckles, who was on a rest day.
Meanwhile, Insp Heckles realised he had missed calls from both Mrs Rathband and a colleague, Insp Dave Guthrie.
I've always looked young so people assume that if they heckle me, I'll break down in tears, which isn't necessarily true.
The surveys showed that heckles encompass a range of topics, a minority of which run against the values enshrined in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
RACER: Keith Heckles in action at the 1967 Manx Grand Prix and, inset, at home in Allerton
Cultural historian Peter Stead said that before the age of the professional politician, responding to a heckle was part of the stock in trade of an MP or minister's life.
COMEDIAN Johnny Vegas has told the Echo he WANTS people to heckle him at his Cardiff show tomorrow night.
On the other hand, there are people who heckle out of malice or other emotional feelings.
After service in the RAF, where he first developed a taste for bike racing, Mr Heckles worked for a while as a television repair man before joining Liverpool University as a laboratory technician for over 25 years.
SCOTS actor Gray O'Brien is bracing himself for heckles after Coronation Street villain Tony Gordon murders heartthrob Liam Connor next week.
LIVERPOOL motor bike racer Mark Heckles is recovering in hospital after a horror crash which left another rider dead.