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Shit, I don't even remember seeing the sun today," Hector says.
Sir Hector Sants served as Chief Executive of the UK Financial Services Authority (FSA) for five years and prior to that, he was Chief Executive of Credit Suisse EMEA.
Each weekend, a child from Tristan's class gets to take Hector home, then documents their adventures in pictures and in a diary.
Hec of a loan star Michael Hector has been a standout in his time with Aberdeen
There were about 160 people there for the end of season awards and everyone was saying 'that's not Hector.
Returning from a trip to Mexico for the annual celebration of the descendants of Pancho Villa, Hector decides to save time and avoid the long lines at the international border crossing by taking a bumpy back-road shortcut.
Hector is now recovering but the RSPCA wants help in tracing the cruel thugs.
El caracter de Hector Garcla imponia, por lo general llegaba a dar indicaciones y a entregar material fotografico para su proceso.
Allen, 56, who owns ADG Engineering in Milnsbridge, said: "We are not sure if Hector had chased something like a fox or a rabbit, but he totally vanished.
2) By the time Hector arrived in Edmonton as one of the "scientific gents," he had already identified the three prairie steppes, or roughly one per province.