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Dollison told Hedger to stop, but he didn't, the lawsuit said.
Hedger has long been recognised as one of the shrewdest operators at the less glamorous end of the training scale - his eight winners from 21 runners this season is a strike-rate that would put many of the big boys to shame.
After a fierce battle over the last 400m, Hedger held on for second and with a great runs from Lorna Redpath (fifth), and Isobel Wherritt (10th) Middlesbrough took team gold.
Hedger said: "He worked for John Whelan and was all for giving up trying, but we persuaded him to keep his colours registered.
Hedger comments: "Mimecast has already developed a strong and enthusiastic customer base of over one thousand customers for its Software-as-a-Service email management solution.
The problem is that when they break down the sample by hedging type, their sample of non-FC (IR) hedgers includes hedgers that also hedge other kinds of risk.
For Professor Hedger, who is also a director of Novel Foods, the product represents a way of converting the grain to a non-genetically-modified foodstuff using techniques similar to cheese-making.
Using Portfolio Hedger, investors can select one or more stocks or ETFs in their portfolio or watch list and specify what type of protection they want based on two basic criteria: 1) how much downside risk they are willing to accept; and 2) how long they wish to maintain the protection.
Hedger said: "That's four races he's won for us this year and he'll have a break until Easter.
Hai and other worshippers are said to have run out and chased Ashley Hedger, wrongly pointed out as one of the robbers.