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On the pitch, these are heady times for the Heed, who are now in mid-table looking upwards as momentum builds.
Game on and it was the Heed who grabbed the sixth and final goal of the afternoon when Peniket rose to head home Rees Greenwood's cross.
An apparent tug by Neill Byrne on former Heed loanee Rhys Oates saw Liam Donnelly open the scoring from the penalty spot 17 minutes in.
Chester were pinned back in the closing stages and the Heed twice went close to getting level but Finnigan headed against the post and Worsnop made a top class save to keep out Shaw's header.
The nature of Bill Cosey's interest in Heed--his sexual interest in children--is only hinted at through much of the novel, as when Heed calls Cosey "Papa--my husband" (61), and we discover that Heed's wedding dress was "falling from her shoulders" (60) because it was too large.
Morrison's intricate plot is initiated when a stranger shows up in the town of Silk, asking directions to a place that turns out to belong to Heed Cosey.
Narrative displacements reflect the protagonists' temporal disorientation, so that the time of the reading is itself discontinuous: we witness the effects--the long wasting of Heed's and Christine's lives--before we uncover its cause, the premature marriage, nearly two-thirds through the novel; and we are privy to the beginning of things--to the deep love between Christine and Heed when they were young girls--only at the end of the novel, after 183 pages of witnessing the two women's bitter enmity.
Wiley Vice President Deborah Dixon noted that HEED "contains more records and content than any other economics database.
Why did the Pope so strongly recommend that we pay heed to the Divine Mercy message and devotion--even the Image and the Chaplet--given to us through St.
If the HSC or LLC is not taken with respect to the higher education expenses of a particular student, and above-the-line HEED is allowed for payments of tuition and fees for that student.
If he is happy to take heed of the concerns, then he will continue to have the confidence of the parliamentary party.
Teach us to be generous, good Lord; teach us to serve you as you deserve; to give and not to count the cost; to fight and not to heed the wounds; to toil and not to seek for rest; to labor and not to ask for any reward, save that of knowing we do your will.