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An old and experienced trapper, when mounting guard upon the camp in dark nights and times of peril, gives heedful attention to all the sounds and signs of the horses.
The leaders stressed people to remain heedful about India's policies and cautioned that people of the region will not let anybody to formulate these policies and they will fight till their last breath against these anarchists.
As part of this local-global ethos, educational philosopher David Hansen (2008) names a cosmopolitan sensibility as 'a sustained readiness to learn from the new and different while being heedful of the known and familiar' (p.
In ambiguous situations, group members will search for ways to serve the group goal(s), rather than waiting to be instructed (De Dreu, Nijstad, & Knippenberg, 2008; Wrzesniewski & Dutton, 2001), and they are heedful of their and others' contribution to collective goals (Weick & Roberts, 1993).
As the Sefer Hasidim would say: "One should not believe in superstitions, but it is best to be heedful of them.
Masih is worthy of a complete harvest, his rival, just a grain, Be heedful, as every merchandise has a value of its own.
Puntland's experience shows that donors and other international actors also need to be heedful of local political realities, including support of elites, robustness of institutions and viability of electoral districts," the think-tank said in a report published ahead of the polls.
NNA - Army Commander, General Jean Qahwaji, called on military men to be resolute in dealing with all those tampering with security regardless of their affiliation, asking of them to remain heedful in countering challenges and risks surrounding the nation.
The one who establishes prayer perfectly is the one who performs prayer while his heart is submissive and heedful.
We can talk about ideals like a capable government functioning with a democratic constitution, respectful and heedful of all opinions, and providing the people the ability to be critical without facing coercive pressure, reflecting the will of all Egyptians and providing full rights to minorities, maintaining power through consent and so on.
The big powers in the Euro zone have gone through difficult times as they had to contribute to rescuing some states on the outskirts of the zone, which are now said not to have deserved to be Euro zone members; so the developed countries in the Euro zone will be more heedful of the consequences which the accession of certain countries like Romania might have.
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