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The quality of heedfulness addresses the ways that participants' perceptions of the extent to which their deliberation matters to their interlocutors influences their willingness to practice trust.
Yet several other reasons exist to read this volume with respect and heedfulness.
As Weick and Roberts (1993: 373) wrote, "There is a limit to heedfulness .
(3) The outcome produced varies as a function of the degree of heedfulness and of strength (loose interrelation or tight interrelation) that binds the activities together.
Open personal attacks replace the constructive questioning of a position for understanding, and the heedfulness ceases.
Thus, the duration of the Dharma is assured if the bhikkhus, bhikkhunis, male lay followers and female lay followers dwell with regard and respect for the teacher, the Dharma, the Sahgha, the training, heedfulness and helpfulness (towards each other), to which the other discourse adds regard and respect for concentration.