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you can stop looking, I can stop looking,'" and, running heedlessly after the departing old man, he is crushed by the hearse, "shatter[ing] forever his thin glass voice" (44).
Additionally, the likelihood of Margot successfully scoring a hit that would down the buffalo is so obviously slight, that by making the choice to shoot--regardless of intention--she heedlessly places her husband's life in danger, an issue that becomes more apparent when considered in light of legal definitions of recklessness and negligence.
No useful purpose is served by purporting to "solve" them with heedlessly manipulated statistics, obscure and defective premises illogically developed, and a belligerent tone.
A horse falls at the last obstacle, the sufferers groan and count the cost, the beneficiaries donate commiserations, and time moves heedlessly on.
I hope I am not the only reader of Michael Sean Winters' heedlessly hostile and hopelessly jejune review of Michael Novak's late-in-life and wonderfully titled memoir, Writing From Left to Right.
A' They have heedlessly forgotten that the perpetrators who blew themselves up in New York follow the same doctrine and come from the same source as those blowing themselves up in Syria.
If the industrialized world continues on its present course--a Titanic steaming heedlessly onward into a melting iceberg--the earth will experience 3.
From his own testimony, so to speak, and from innumerable details he recites in the book, it is evident that "greed," by which we mean the pursuit of great profit heedlessly of consequences, played a major role in the lead-up to the Great Recession.
And as the killer heedlessly drove on, Jill and Becky White were left in the road fighting for their lives.
330) Because the rule extended the period so long, it undermined the purpose of repose underlying statutes of limitations, heedlessly allowing plaintiffs to sit on their rights, while memories fade and evidence erodes.
That open-access enthusiasts have demonized all publishers is a shame, heedlessly and needlessly damaging self-publishing scientific societies.
Our incapacity or unwillingness as a nation to achieve enlightened policy in this area, to heedlessly defend a misinterpretation of the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms rather than protect the sanctity of life and security is a national disgrace.