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The new HEEDS portal to Adams will be released with HEEDS MDO version 7.
Taakin Heeds comes from the pen of Arthur McKenzie, with a wealth of anecdotes from his life and career.
By linking this with the revolutionary technology in the HEEDS multi-disciplinary optimization software, the design space of a complete CAD and CAE system model can be quickly explored and the design can be efficiently optimized.
About this announcement, David Ewbank of ZDL stated, “We are very excited about the partnership with Red Cedar Technology and CAE Value to promote and sell HEEDS MDO in the UK.
2012, the 1st International HEEDS User Conference (www.
Pratt & Miller's Mark Palmieri made the following statement about the arrangement, “We believe in HEEDS and have seen tremendous benefit as we've applied it on several internal programs with great success.
In addition to offering enhancements to many existing features, HEEDS MDO 6.
For more information about HEEDS MDO, visit http://www.