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foreign policy officials never missed a chance to assert America's continuing role as a global hegemon (though President Obama's own views on U.
One would expect a regional hegemon to create norms that other states would follow.
Without a military hegemon, piecemeal approach, or global governance, one can imagine the problems posed by the crowded environment.
5) Despite this rebalancing of power, the UN development system continues to dominate the entire UN system forty years later in terms of staffing and expenditure, demonstrating that the identity and will of the hegemon is only one part of the dynamics of global governance.
here the argument of hegemonic war is outlawed raison deter is free riding" as the pr china enjoys more form the system with fewer responsibilities and less cost to maintain the system hence the opportunity cost of overriding hegemon is higher.
Iran's past and current support for terrorism, its evident intent to become the hegemon of the Middle East, its "despotic" rule at home, and its president's proclamation of "Death to America" provide additional justifications for demanding Iran's total nuclear disarmament.
And going by the dictum of international systems "be a hegemon in your region and do not let any other power in her's", US needs to quickly maneuver herself in the Asia-pacific region before it's too late as China is threatening to be one.
In order to prevent the rise of a regional hegemon, Spykman argued, the United States should adopt the role of an off-shore balancer at both maritime ends of the Eurasian heartland, comparable to that of Great Britain vis-a-vis continental Europe in the three centuries that followed the War of Spanish Succession, but on a global scale.
The final chapter asks whether the US is in serious or terminal decline as a global hegemon and looks at the dangers posed by nuclear proliferation and global climate change.
Kang finds the 'Imjin War' between Japan and Korea especially puzzling because balance-of-power theory would have held that instead of the less powerful states fighting against each other, they would be counter--balancing the Chinese hegemon.
It also reflects an understanding of a world where the US remains the hegemon, but where its relative power has devolved to other " big" actors amongst whom, is India.
El marco conceptual combina aspectos del neorrealismo de Waltz (1988 y 2000) y Walt (1985); el constructivismo de Wendt (1987, 1992 y 1999) y Dessler (1989), y los aportes a las relaciones internacionales realizados por los enfoques de poder asimetrico: Abernethy (1986), Womack (2006 y 2007), Johnson (1986), Russell y Tokatlian (2002), y Russell y Calle (2009), a fin de entender las relaciones entre tres niveles analiticos: i) el actor Estado, ii) el nivel de la subregion (es decir, las relaciones entre los Estados vecinos en la periferia), y iii) el nivel global (es decir, las acciones del hegemon o los hegemones sobre la region y sobre los Estados individuales).