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Their social status as a suppressed minority or as a victim of hegemonical powers is thus seen through the lens of religious identity and is contested on this basis.
Trivedi may be charged with a selection deliberately skewed in favor of his argument, but it was an important intervention recalling that canon formation is an ideologically charged activity in a hegemonical and non-equitable global dispensation.
This is due to a variety of factors, not least to a general suspicion toward grand theorizing as well as to the pragmatic growth and expansion of a globalizing European "union," one that increasingly has had the same dampening effects on speculation that the American continental republic, according to Royce, had on earlier centers of American speculation--something Royce himself lamented as an undermining of "provincial" cultures by the hegemonical center.
A corollary argument is that this process must be understood as a dialogue and not a hegemonical narrative of cultural and culinary conquest.
13) As such, there is a pressing need--though perhaps felt less acutely within the United States--to avoid the hegemonical application of the U.
And we would be saying we would be saying (sips drink) that there is a hegemonical discourse which very few people mostly white males construct.
Instead of living up to its hegemonical responsibility--imperial responsibilities--the United States, today more than ever, is trying to run the world on the basis of strictly national interests.
In their attempt to conquer a hegemonical status in the heterogenous and competitive Portuguese field of ethnographic and anthropological knowledge of the non-European natives, Mendes Correia and his group adopted Cardoso as a totemic tool of social and professional power.
Youth (the present-future) has opted for the hegemonical viable form of inevitable and desired "change.
First by providing economic resources, it has perhaps indirectly strengthened Egypt's hegemonical role in Middle Eastern affairs and this has benefited U.