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The defense treaty closely linked Ethiopian colonialism to American hegemonism (Ottaway and Ottaway, 1978: 150).
It also proved useful that Thailand--a traditional rival of Vietnam for influence in Indochina--allied with China as a second layer of counterbalance against Vietnamese hegemonism.
Huntington comes down hard against Western hegemonism.
Hard-liners point to China's regular calls for nations to resist "American hegemonism," and its "gunboat diplomacy".
The use of the terms neo-gunboat policy, neo-economic colonialism, and hegemonism in the white paper is designed to recall images of foreign domination and humiliation and to link historic ill will to the current Chinese sense of frustration with the West in general and the United States in particular.
On April 28, after all the subsequent sabre-rattling, a picture of the dead pilot appeared on the US Department of Labour website, with the message: "This website was hacked by ChinaEagle, for beating down all the hegemonism of the USA.
5] Yan goes on to say that "China's national interest cannot be separated economically, militarily, or politically from the interests of other Asian countries," and "tighter regional relations can also help defuse international hegemonism by the United States because regional alliances can rival US power and cut into its influence.
Is this American hegemonism gone wild, or something else?
A statement from the President's office said the meeting stressed that the "world is faced with policies of hegemonism, propagated by the American administration, which are a global threat to peace.
The "Bandung spirit" embodied in the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence has become the criterion for international relations opposed to hegemonism and power politics, and has gained significance on a world scale.
that is, Negara Melayu Islam Beraja or "Malay Islamic Monarchy"), both through teaching and inventing/developing it; and (b) this ideology evinces a strong strain of ethnic hegemonism, on the part (or on behalf) of the majority Malays vis-a-vis the unconverted, native others (i.