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La hegira se compone de anos lunares de 354 dias, pero en cada periodo de 30 anos, los musulmanes intercalan 11 anos de 355 dias.
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Ashuraa commemorates the slaughter of Imam al-Hussein, the Prophet Muhammad's grandson, and his family and companions in the battle of Taf in Karbala in the Hegira year 61 (680 in the Gregorian calendar).
The Mufti of the Republic recalled that the amount of the Zakat El-Fitr for the year 1437 of the Hegira, corresponding to 2016, has been set at 1 dinar 475 millimes.
Rabat - On the occasion of the new hegira year 1436, HM King Mohammed VI, Commander of the Faithful, sent congratulatory messages to heads of states of brotherly Islamic countries, wishing them good health and happiness, and further progress and prosperity for their peoples.
Thousands of Shiite Muslims from all over Iraq and neighboring countries would head for the shrine of Imam al-Hussein Ibn Ali in the holy Shiite city of Karbala for the Ashuraa, or the 10th of Muharram on the Muslim Hegira calendar.
TAP) - President Beji Caid Essebsi chaired, on Friday evening July 1, 2016 corresponding to 26 of Ramadan, 1437 of Hegira, the ceremony of the Night of Destiny in the Zituna Mosque, announced the Facebook page of the Presidency of the Republic.
Tlili said an evaluation meeting will be held after the return of all pilgrims to learn lessons from pilgrimage in the 1435 year of Hegira as well as previous experiences to improve the quality of services provided to pilgrims and start from now preparations for the next seasons of Omra and Hajj.
Summary: Rabat - HM King Mohammed VI, Commander of the faithful, received congratulatory messages from a number of Arab leaders on the occasion of the new Hegira year 1432.
Summary: Rabat - HM King Mohammed VI, Commander of the faithful, has congratulated heads of brotherly Islamic states on the occasion of the new Hegira year 1432, celebrated in Morocco on Tuesday (December 7) .
5, 2010 (TAP) - The Mufti of the Republic announced in a communique that Monday, December 6 is the 30th day of Dhou Al-Hejja 1431 and that Tuesday, December 7, will be the first day of Mouharram of the new Hegira year 1432.
They got acquainted with the characteristics of Kairouan's varied civilisational heritage, entitling it to become in 2009 "Capital of Islamic Culture," and the architectural specificities of the Okba Ibn Nafaa mosque built in the year 50 after the Hegira.