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It said in a statement that the new moon crescent announcing the beginning of Dhu al-Hijjah 1st, 1431 hegira was sighted on Sunday evening, corresponding to November 7, 2010.
Ashuraa is an occasion marking the death of Imam al-Hussein, the prophet Muhammad's grandson and the third holiest figure for Shiite Muslims, in the battle of Taf in Karbala in the Hegira year 61 (680 in the Gregorian calendar).
The royal speech will be aired on TV and radio on Saturday, Dhu-l-Qa'dah 28, 1431 hegira, corresponding to November 6, 2010 at 8.
In commemorating the passing of the King Mohammed V, the leader of Moroccan nationalism, who passed away on Ramadan 10, 1380 Hegira (February 26, 1961), Moroccans show dedication to the memory of the late sovereign.
The Islamic Affairs Ministry confirmed, on Wednesday, Sha'aban 29, 1431 Hegira, corresponding to August 11, 2010, the sighting of the new moon which announces the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan, the statement said.
The self-claimed Mahdi was planning to control Najaf and kill all religious clerics during religious celebrations of Ashura, or 10th of Muharram in the hegira calendar.
The Royal Household, Protocol and Chancellery Ministry announces that HM King Mohammed VI, Commander of the Faithful, will perform on Sha'aban 17, 1431 Hegira, corresponding to July 30, 2010, the Friday prayer at the Mohammed V mosque in the northern city of Tangier," said the statement.
The night of Ramadan 21 coincides with the anniversary of the death of Imam Ali Ibn Abi Taleb, the Prophet Muhammad's cousin, the fourth Orthodox Caliph and the top holiest figure for Shiite Muslims, who has been assassinated by Abdulrahman Ibn Muljam, one of the Kharijites (rebels), on Ramadan 19, 40 on the Muslim Hegira calendar at al-Kufa Mosque.