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HEIFER. A young cow, which has not had a calf. A beast of this kind two years and a half old, was held to be improperly described in the indictment as a cow. 2 East, P. C. 616; 1 Leach, 105.

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After much deliberation the championship was awarded to Boreland Farming Partnership, Colvend with a correct fresh calved Holstein Friesian heifer (pictured left) selling to the judge at PS2,000.
Two more Ysguboriau heifers, Vera 91 and Nesta 96, went home with J Pugh & Partners, Nantymoel, for 2,050gns and 2,400gns respectively.
Fifteen bulling heifers were also very keenly sought-after by many buyers, the largest quantity selling to Richard Sheppard of Northern Ireland, who purchased five.
Traditional development procedures recommend that heifers be grown to attain 60% to 65% of mature BW by the start of the breeding season using high energy inputs based on the supposition that high pregnancy rates are dependent on early puberty onset (Short and Bellows, 1971; Lesmeister et al.
f) Physical measures of heifers from 400 to 600 kg.
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 19, 2014-Neogen signs Igenity Dairy Heifer Programme marketing agreement with Merck Animal Health
According to the company, its test will aid decision-making process for breeding and heifer selection.
The top price for the commercial heifers was pounds 1215 for a pair of Lims presented by Mrs C Higgs Little Bank.
Small dairies (having fewer than 100 milk cows), seldom, if ever, sell their heifers.
Yearling heifers should be enrolled in a breeding program to calve as 2-year-olds, maximizing the number of calves produced in their lifetimes (Wood-Follis et al.
According to the charity's gift catalog to help end world hunger, that's enough money to buy 5,300 heifers or 10,600 water buffalos or 17,666 llamas of 22,083 pigs or 132,498 rabbits.