height of perfection

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At 2ft 9in Paulo Barros, 31, is the height of perfection for 2ft 1in wife Katyucia, 28.
Gould in the twentieth century has gone a few steps ahead in disproving evolution as a gradual process with man as its height of perfection. There is no saying what is to follow next.
The old-fashioned term "the cat's whiskers" means the height of perfection. It was popular in the '20s, along with "the cat's meow." Debate ensued regarding the origin of the phrases, but people who used them certainly understood the unique capabilities of your cats most sensitive hairs.
The majestic couple's passionate and sensuous free dance performance to the music of Ravel's Bolero was glittering testimony to their creative genius as they touched the height of perfection.
The Painting of the Ancients is in fact a compendium rather than a narrative history, a cento of quotations gathered under general headings from the "beginnings of Picture," to the "diverse means tending to the advancement of this Art," to the "maine grounds of Art"--invention, color, action, disposition and "grace"--that brought the old artificers "nearer to the height of perfection" (1:9).