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His aspect was perfectly that of a pilgrim, heightened also by an apostolic dignity.
How much better you appear this morning, George," she cried, in a voice whose melody was even heightened by its gaiety.
The villagers proceeded uniformly into the building, with a decorum and gravity that nothing could move, on such occasions; but with a haste that was probably a little heightened by curiosity.
The absurdity that clung to everything connected with Dirk Stroeve gave it a curious note, like an unresolved discord, but made it somehow more modern, more human; like a rough joke thrown into a serious scene, it heightened the poignancy which all beauty has.
This feeling of disdain was heightened when he saw the minister seated at a large table reading some papers and making pencil notes on them, and for the first two or three minutes taking no notice of his arrival.
She leaned back in the carriage with heightened colour.
She stopped; her colour heightened, and the fingers of the hand that rested upon the album beat gently on the margin of the drawing, as if her memory had set them going mechanically with the remembrance of a favourite tune.
He stressed that solution of heightened civil-military tension should be seek in a democratic way.
He noted that control is shifting from providers to users and that today's financial reporting world requires four critical elements: heightened communications between investors and a company; more and varied information than is currently available; giving investors the answers they want; and reduced complexity and heightened transparency.
TOURISTS at Newcastle Airport were yesterday undeterred by the heightened security alert, with most more concerned about potential flight disruption than a terror attack.
That's what really heightened my whole idea about what sustainable or good design is.
During the Holiday Blitz, there will be heightened security in movie theaters to prevent illegal camcording.