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Aside from Davao, Santiago said the PPA was 'not expecting any delays in the commercial operations despite the heightened alert status of PPA-controlled ports.
During the period that we are on heightened alert, all personnel of our operating units would be on duty," he said.
Employee cell phones have been included in the list of property requiring heightened substantiation.
This awareness was further heightened during a work study trip to South Africa where city college students worked in conjunction with South African students at Rand Afrikaans University in Johannesburg on a mock project redeveloping the SOJO (South of Johannesburg) trail.
EasyJet reports annual earnings next week, said last month its year profit would be higher than expected despite disruptions caused by heightened security at UK airports in August.
Near the end of the semester, with dispositional awareness further heightened by the more explicit addressing of dispositions through discussion, we used the teaching sections of Dead Poets Society to examine dispositions through another medium.
Also discussed, for the first time by a separate panel, was the heightened risk faced by directors.
There are several sub-populations of adolescent males that present with heightened risk factors.
This heightened terrorism alert is likely to stay in place now at least until after the November elections," said Leonard.
Officials recognize that the heightened sense of confusion that many residents experience with disrupted routines can complicate attempts to evacuate a facility.
Mr Blunkett insisted there was no evidence of a heightened danger to Britain after Saturday's taxi bomb attack near Najaf, saying the country should be on alert, but not alarmed.
A surge in blood flow serves as a marker of heightened brain-cell activity.