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The opening of the Rosaries Dam heightening project coincides with the country's Independence celebration.
He hailed the Rosaries Dam heightening project as a major development project in the field of energy and farming in Sudan.
Tenders are invited for The Job Of Roof Heightening And Support Work In Under Ground In Kolihan Copper Mine.
Tenders are invited for 1) Repairing & Heightening Of Septic Tank Of B & C Type Qtr.
Tenders are invited for Shitting ot lines tor widening & heightening ot PMGSY road of village Korua under Electrical Section Rajghat, shifting of line & S/S for widening & heightening of PMGSY road of village Amarda Gate Bazar under Electrical section Rajghat and shifting of lines for widening & heightening of PMGSY road iof village Damodarpur under Electrical Section Rajghat for 2015-16,
Other scholars have similarly charted the heightening of expectations for self-control in modern life, sometimes drawing on a more explicit connection with economic motivations.
Revolutionary legislatures' enactments also enlarged the literary marketplace by heightening readers' interest in current developments.
Enhanced financial disclosure by end users of the nature and size of the risks being managed through derivatives transactions would contribute importantly to heightening board and senior management involvement in these activities.
Tenders are invited for Shifting of lines for widening & heightening of PMGSY road of