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Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra earlier said Duterte used two cases as legal basis in ordering the arrest of freed heinous crime convicts.
He also said he is keen on offering a reward of P1 million per head for those will be able to provide information on heinous crime convicts.
Abante proposed to introduce an amendment to explicitly bar those convicted of heinous crimes from benefiting from the GCTA.
Meanwhile Pakistan has strongly condemned the heinous bomb attack targeting civilians during a marriage function in Kabul on Saturday.
The alarming rise of heinous crime in our country calls for the re-imposition of capital punishment.
Aside from qualified reclusion perpetua or imprisonment of 50 years with no possibility of parole, those guilty of extraordinary heinous crimes will be fined PhP5 million under the measure.
Should we waive off capital punishment for those who have been convicted of heinous crimes abroad?
The SP said the accused involved in 35 cases, including murder, attempt murder and other heinous crimes.
The source concluded by saying "The Syrian Arab Republic renews its sympathy and full solidarity with the Islamic Republic of Iran, and it expresses deep condolences to the families of the martyrs in this heinous attack, wishing speedy recovery for the injured."
Truth is short-lived in the world, hypocrisy is the business of our daily lives, fear of reprisals has restrained us and made us adopt an ostrich-like approach to these heinous crimes.
These heinous crimes show how much our society has degraded.
KARACHI:Local police claimed to have arrested an alleged gang of street criminals, including two women and security guards, involved in heinous crimes such as snatching money from people outside banks.Central Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Dr Rizwan, while addressing a press conference, said that a gang of criminals, including security guards, Bilal, son of Muhamad Waheed, Talha, son of Iqbal, Raghub, son of Shams Din, Sajid Ali, son of Iftikhar Ali, Siraj, son of Riazar Hussain, Fatim Ali, son of Waseem and two women Sheza, daughter of Waseem and Ayesha, daughter of Sabir were arrested by F B Industrial Area police over their involvement in robberies and other heinous crimes.