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Lastly, revive the Death Penalty Law for Heinous Crime Felons to send a strong signal to criminals/criminal syndicates that our State will not tolerate heinous crimes to prosper and propagate in our country," Jimenez said in the letter.
Culprits involved in heinous crime must be punished promptly, it added.
So that they may see for themselves the heinous offense, so that they can see that what the judge did was right.
It may be recalled that the Karak police in the last five months have arrested 720 proclaimed offenders wanted in heinous crimes and this outstanding performance of the Karak police is far better from other district of the province.
He added that "this heinous crime, which has not only resulted in the martyrdom of five thousand innocent defenseless citizens, most of them children, women and elderly in the blink of an eye, but caused disability, paralysis of thousands of others who are still suffering from physical and mental health and social devastating effects of that heinous crime, along with the destruction of nature and all aspects of life .
But the fact is they were just as heinous four years ago.
Nabil Abu Rudeineh, spokesman for President Mahmoud Abbas, held the Israeli government fully responsible for his heinous crime and said it would not have happened if the Israeli government had stopped settlement construction and protecting settlers.
In a statement, he said, "This heinous and obscene act represents a brutal escalation by the terrorist group, whose evil objectives have become apparent".
These heinous acts have been perpetrated as Bahrain is gearing up to celebrate the National Day and the Accession of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa to the throne", he said.
So, the rate of the most heinous crimes decreased by 24.
ang has deplored the death of a college student from alleged hazing rites and warned other fraternities against committing the same heinous offense.
DESPERATE effort by the December 16 gang rape victim's parents to get the juvenile convict re- tried in a regular court failed after the Supreme Court on Friday expressed helplessness in the matter, saying the legislature had fixed the age of juvenility and those under 18 committing heinous offences cannot be singled out for harsh sentences under the Juvenile Justice Act.