held in custody

See: arrested
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Among the defendants, 151 people were held in custody, while the remaining 37 were on the run and tried in absentia.
Hundreds of social networking sites and thousands of Twitter activists will take part in the campaign in support of sick prisoners in Israeli jails, where more than 1000 sick prisoners are still held in custody including 25 cancer patients.
They were arrested on suspicion of going equipped for a burglary and were being held in custody at Kidderminster police station.
Both were held in custody and will attend court on Jan.
Nasser Ahmed was also held in custody and denied bond for over three years on secret evidence.
Approximately 100 of them were charged with minor crimes, and another approximately 500 were held in custody on immigration violations such as overstaying temporary nonimmigrant visas.
Even before September 11, individuals being held in custody for immigration violations were proverbial square pegs in round holes.
The accused include 14 held in custody, with the remaining eight convicts currently fugitives.