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It lasted a long time because Freddy did not know how to spend money, never having had any to spend, and Eliza, socially trained by a pair of old bachelors, wore her clothes as long as they held together and looked pretty, without the least regard to their being many months out of fashion.
It was a heart so full of love for her; so bound up and held together by innumerable threads of winning remembrance, spun from the daily working of her many qualities of endearment; it was a heart in which she had enshrined herself so gently and so closely; a heart so single and so earnest in its Truth, so strong in right, so weak in wrong; that it could cherish neither passion nor revenge at first, and had only room to hold the broken image of its Idol.
All night this apprehension weighed heavily on all, and in the first morning light, with hollow eyes and ghastly faces, they stared at one another as if in surprise that the Pyrenees still held together and that they still were alive.
The range includes a chair, desk and a set of modular cabinets, held together by powerful magnets, and can be assembled and disassembled without any effect on the pieces' structural integrity.
A molecule is a group of atoms held together by chemical bonds.
A MOTORBIKER who reached 142mph riding a Suzuki held together with bootlaces was jailed for 10 months yesterday.
A comedy of errors held together with taut suspense and biting dialogue, My Magic Square is a delicious pleasure from beginning to end.
Rough hewn chestnut palings held together with wire form a horizontally ribbed, rustic rainscreen that gives the assemblage of volumes an arresting, folkloric quality.
This snoop squad is probably wearing the equivalent of horn-rim glasses held together with a paper clip and Scotch tape.
The first room in the gallery contained a sculpture composed of sheets of gray cardboard, colored cubes used to teach elementary math, and thin sticks of wood, the sort that hobbyists use in constructing their model airplanes and sailboats, all held together with fragments of duct tape.
The components self-assembled into a network of overlapping strings and spheres held together by the attraction between the viruses' positively charged bodies and the negatively charged gold spheres, says Souza.