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Figure 3 shows the instrumentation for the temperature measurements located within the low pressure side of the recuperator (labeled "PRTi" in Figure 2); two small PRTs are embedded at diametrically opposed positions at each of four axial locations in a cryogenic grade G-10 (fiberglass-resin composite) sheath that slides over the helically wound finned-tube recuperator.
Spirochetes are a group of helically shaped motile bacteria with an enormous phenotypic diversity and spectrum of different habitats.
The composite cord is formed of at least two first yarns twisted helically about at least one second yam; the first yams and the second yarn having different modulus of elasticity, the first yarns having a modulus greater than the modulus of the second yarn.
The product flows through a helically shaped feed channel; there are no integrated internal components, so even particulate media can be processed.
The transformation of Borrelia burgdorferii helically motile spirochetes to RB propagules was induced by penicillin and other unfavorable conditions in pure cultures in vitro.
For a helically spring actuator S300 in which Rm = 35mm, d = 14mm, n = 10, number of turns.
The helically acquired volumetric data is postprocessed by specially trained technologists in our dedicated 3-dimensional laboratory to generate multiplanar reconstruction images including maximum intensity projections (MIPs), minimum intensity projections (MINIPs) and curved planar reformations (CPRs).
Models of the mixed-gas Joule- Thomson system are currently challenged by the lack of information that is available relative to the thermal-fluid behavior of multiphase, multicomponent flow through the complex geometry associated with the helically wound finned tube heat exchangers.
Abundant, closely spaced and downward-recurved petioles are helically borne on the lower part of the trunk.
The advantage of delivering radiation helically is the ability to precisely deliver radiation to a cancerous tumor while sparing the normal healthy tissue around it, said Dr.
and Cap-Tee machines uses a high-frequency power supply and an induction cable wound helically around a two-piece, rigid insulation jacket that covers the barrel.
It is available with straight and helically fluted holders.