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According to the equations for the end cross-section of the female and the male rotors and helicoid of screw rotors, the 3D model of the female and male rotors for the novel twin-screw kneader are shown in Fig.
We've discovered that the clump bends and twists in the form of a particular minimal surface, the generalized helicoid - and this is true across species.
The cylindrical worm having the flanks as helical surfaces of the type involute helicoid is named involute worm or E worm.
VTA adjustment is made via a helicoid thread knob with lock.
Mathematicians can also imagine twisting that plane to produce another infinite shape called the helicoid.
pora, with a slightly helicoidal end, might represent an intermediate condition between the marked helicoid in the bonariensis group and the straight condition of all remaining Bothriurus species (Mattoni 2003).
The microscopes feature high-quality optics and a helicoid focusing system to provide a bright, clear, and undistorted image.
The unit is rubber armored, water resistant, and sports helicoid (rather than push/pull) eyecups.
A particular form of inflorescence typifies some plant families, such as the compound umbel of Apiaceae (Umbelliferae), the ultimate spike of Gramineae, the capitulum or head of Asteraceae, the helicoid cyme of Boraginaceae, and the spadix of Araceae.
Typically, the compound flows into a helicoid, a cylinder that deflects and distributes the flow of compound around a core tube, which slides into the helicoid and holds the mandrel.
Incorporating all of the outstanding elements of the original roof-prism series, the new DCF WP II series features helicoid eyepieces and aluminum alloy bodies, and super reflective prism coating for brighter images.
Descriptions of new helicoid shells from Cape Colony.