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To ascend there from the prayers hall through a small door there are in total 90 helicoidally steps of stair in triangular form sustained on a perpendicular axle located in the midst of the body.
This paper is based on the development of a new concept of CNC multifunctional machine-tool, for processing as turning, milling, boring, mortising, toothing, plane, exterior and interior cylindrical and helicoidally rectification (SC ICTCM, 2007)'
It is a cable including a straight central wire with six other wires surrounding it helicoidally (Fig.
Zoophycos-group trace fossils are composed of a central axis from which helicoidally arranged sheets of spreite emanate, giving the appearance of stacked cones.
Future research will involve experimental verification of the optimization of complex helicoidally dies.
For studying the evolution of pressure force of the pressure foot on the fabric, during sewing, a transductor was concived and placed under the helicoidally compression spring of the sewing machine.
The deformation forms specified in Table 1 are helicoidally and within limits.