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The budding scientist, who was caught by his mum trying to enrol on a college science course aged three, drives "ant-weight" robots Mini Hellbent 2 and Ancient Underpants.
I know a boy that's hellbent on getting an ASBO because he feels left out.
Paul Etheredge-Ouzts, writer-director of this season's Hellbent, loved Tile Hunger.
Large amounts of dollars pour in from advertisers hellbent on stoking women's unhappiness with their bodies and promising relief if only they are willing to part with some cash.
1971); and John Kozak, who teaches filmmaking at the University of Winnipeg and has written and directed over 20 films, including the feature Hellbent (1994), looks back on Greg Hanec's Downtime (1986).
Farmer announced that Felton and Chase "were white supremacists hellbent on using explosives to spark a holy race war and Boston was to be ground zero," reported the June 24th Boston Herald.
I was far away from home, and I was hellbent on having a great time.
Of course, he adds -- with a little pride coming through his tangy accent -- it makes sense that Australians are hellbent on developing extremely high-quality antivenins.
Both both seem hellbent on continuing to destroy the party.
Unfortunately, you seem hellbent on publicly sharing your feelings about the situation and using social media to gain sympathy for what you're going through.