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Let us not exaggerate and turn this into another racist Midnight Express story," pleads Ataman, 38, referring to the 1978 film that starred Brad Davis as an American apprehended with drugs and stuck in a hellish Turkish prison.
Improbable as it may sound, this scenario of a hellish birth is gaining support, thanks to a report that pushes the record of life on Earth back before 3.
After contracting SJS, the condition rapidly progressed, and Arbuckle found himself spending a hellish month in a hospital burn unit where his skin was stripped away.
Add into the mix the fact that bugs, like winter vomiting bug and MRSA, proliferate at this time of year and you can picture the hellish conditions facing patients and staff.
Since last week, hellish temperatures have plagued the Southland, with record highs in the deserts of California, Nevada and Arizona spilling into the Greater Los Angeles area.
But I'm A Cheerleader, director Jamie Babbit's colorful tale of a high schooler (Natasha Lyonne) whose parents send her off to a homosexual rehab camp run by hellish Cathy Moriarty and perked up by Clea DuVall, conjured laughs and a pick-up deal with Trick-sters Fine Line Features.
Dante, an eight-legged robot equipped with stereoscopic vision and electronic measuring tools, was built to explore the hellish interior of a smoldering volcano in Antarctica (SN: 6/6/92, p.
Assault: Retribution plunges gamers into frenzied alien-blasting action of seven heart stopping, mind-blowing levels that reach the outposts of humanity and hellish uncharted alien worlds.
While gay couple Brian (Douglas Hodge) and Billy (Ewan McGregor) discuss adoption, Gerry (Hugh Bonneville) endures a hellish blind date with Julia (Gina McKee).
However, for the last two years Freddie's festival has been hellish.
Of course, it's not just the 101 that provides hellish commuting experiences.
Easily accessible drop-down menus and the ability to divide your accrued attributes will help make your hellish journey a little smoother.