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It's set against the food banks, the bedroom tax, all the other hellishness that's part of our society now.
RICHARD PRICE'S CLOCKERS (1992) IS despondent treatment of the contemporary black American tragedy, in which the lawless rule the slums and even decent people striving to move up and out get mired in the hellishness.
The hellishness of this eternity within eternity represents a crucial element of O'Brien's critique of the larger projects of modernity: scientific empiricism and Enlightenment rationalism, particularly the quest for absolute objectivity and freedom.
To add insult to heteronormative injury, the scene is also specifically woman-focused, which, regardless of its hellishness, is its only attraction to Helga.
Like Milton's Satan, they carry a hell within them that is entirely unrelated to the hellishness without.
com) about his 2011 book War, Sebastian Junger says likewise: "The undeniable hellishness of war forces men to bond in ways that aren't necessary--or even possible-in civilian society.
If by the end of The Waste Land, then, it is the speaker who is able to identify the same passage from Dante that Eliot as the poet of The Waste Land had identified in his opening dedication, Eliot is confirming for his readers the fact that they, too--the poem's readers--have now successfully made their way out of the infernal hellishness that The Waste Land is intended to portray and, like the poet and his speaker, they now stand near the very peak of Dante's purgatorial mount instead.
Indeed, "[w]ar necessarily places civilians in danger; that is another aspect of its hellishness.
They were the ones, Boal said, who showed him, "the tragedy and chaos and hellishness they face day in and day out.
During the battle scenes, soldiers also emerged from "below" through trap doors to deliver weapons, suggesting both the Elizabethan theatre's symbolic location of hell and the eternal hellishness of war.
to endure the bitterness on the way ahead, endure the agony, endure the hellishness of war".
MacDonald's Condominium to get a leg up on Florida's real estate schemers and the hellishness of living through a hurricane.