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Cold Stone Creamery tweeted on Thursday that Helms is "no longer with the company" after making the "outrageous" and "disgraceful" Facebook posts.
Over a late lunch Helms, a 38-year-old Atlanta native transplanted to Los Angeles, shared memories of filming Jeff in New Orleans, focusing on the Old World character of the French Quarter rather than the city's more decadent establishments.
Goodwill Industries has always preferred a hands-on and personal approach to working with the community therefore it was especially important to incorporate a direct line of communication on the website between Helms and its users.
Beloved by his constituents, feared by his enemies as few true conservatives have ever been, Senator Jesse Helms will be missed.
It's true that Helms wasn't the very first southern conservative Democrat to shift into the GOP because of opposition to civil rights.
Greg Daniels, executive producer of "The Office," said "The Daily Show" served as a perfect in to his show for Carell and Helms.
This week he and four other members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee met Fox, Castaneda, and others in what Helms now calls the "new Mexico.
Helms was angry because local Roman Catholic schools were awash in federal and state money at a time when her daughter's public school was wanting.
Helms rightly attends to the biblical Jephtha in works by Christopherson and Buchanan in connection with Lumley's work.
Personal odyssey by a gay North Carolinian to understand his state's relationship to its extremist senior senator, Jesse Helms, will find its natural venue in gay film rest s.
Helms recited, lifelessly and without vivid detail, the usual litany of anti-UN complaints: bloated bureaucracy; sovereignty grabs; peacekeeping failures in Bosnia and elsewhere; pointless busybody conferences where well-appointed bureaucrats scratch their chins and tut-tut over huge, vague, ill-defined crises, from the environment to poverty to overpopulation to the status of women.
AIDS killed Patsy Clarke's son Mark, but Jesse Helms killed her political apathy.