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CORN. In its most comprehensive sense, this term signifies every sort of grain, as well as peas and beans, this is its meaning in the memorandum usually contained in policies of insurance. But it does not include rice. 1 Park. Ins. 112; Marsh. Ins. 223, note; Stev. on Av. part 4, art. 2; Ben. on Av. eh. 10; 1 Marsh. Ins. 223; Park on Ins. 112; Wesk. Ins. 145. Vide Com. Dig. Biens, G 1.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Daily ETS 1994-1995 1995-1996 1998 exposure at work (n = 605) (n = 681) (n = 474) Not at all 20.7 54.2 70.7 <1 hr 28.8 28.6 17.5 1-4 hr 17.7 9.0 8.4 >4hr 32.9 8.2 3.4 Adapted from Heloma and Jaakkola (2003).
Asi mismo, valoramos la presencia de alteraciones dermatologicas, como son las hiperqueratosis, helomas, fisuras en el talon, maceracion y/o fisuras interdigitales.
--Inspeccion visual de ambos pies, donde se valorara la presencia de helomas o hiperqueratosis, de deformidades, corte de unas, higiene del pie y la existencia de ulceras activas/lesiones.